This is a tool to help you time prompts for your deforum animations to music! You can upload a wav or mp3 file, and then place the cursor at any location along the waveform and enter a prompt there. Finally, when you’re done, you can save all the prompts in a JSON file the contents of which you can copy and paste into deforum to guide your animations! I am NOT a coder, and I put this together with the magic of ChatGPT V4!

Some notes:

  1. Decide your video FPS BEFORE you start inputting prompts! I’ve been trying to make it so that it recalculates the frame numbers in the JSON if you change the Video FPS number, but again, I’m not a coder and haven’t managed to get that working. So get your FPS right from the start or things will be out of sync.
  2. You can maintain the same style across all your prompts without typing it repeatedly by inputting whatever styling text in the styling box. Anything you leave there will get appended to each prompt you enter!
  3. You don’t need to enter your prompts in order. The page will put them all in order based on where they occur in the timeline.
  4. You can get back to frame 0 by clicking the stop button!
Audio Waveform

Frame: 0