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brand integration

Unlock new revenue streams from your existing content with our Digital Brand Integration technology!

Perfect for content owners, creators, broadcasters, and brands, our Digital Branding technology integrates brands seamlessly and with pixel-perfect results, turning existing content assets into profitable opportunities. Whether you’re a broadcaster, OTT or streaming platform, or online content creator, we’ve got a DBI package that’s just right for you!

increase your returns

Maximize your advertising potential with our Virtual Product Placement and Digital Brand Integration solutions! No matter the distribution method – On-Air, On-Line, Linear, VOD, OTT, IPTV, Streaming- our innovative and non-intrusive approach guarantees a powerful and emotional connection with your target audience. Say goodbye to traditional advertising, and hello to highly effective and brand-safe opportunities.


Monetize your archives and reruns with virtual product placements! Our non-intrusive approach guarantees viewer engagement remains unchanged across all screens and devices. Make your assets work for you with context-relevant product, signage, and video placements – retroactively!


Eliminate ad skipping with our scalable, measurable tool across all video touchpoints and platforms – no set visits required. Passive and interactive artwork embedding in existing relevant content unlocks revenue with implied brand usage. Maximize your campaigns’ effectiveness with our skip-proof solution.


Reach the ultimate intersection of content and brands. Scale your campaigns with emotional connections to your audience across devices and platforms, where video content is most valuable. Elevate your brand to the top with our comprehensive solution.


Save on pre-production costs and time by filming neutral. Open up sponsorship opportunities by digitally branding your ads on scene rushes. Our digital branding guarantees scene continuity and seamless integration, delivering back the same source video file specifications we receive.

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